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Alvin Green Mashup


Weirdest Interview Ever

What is going on in this interview? How did this man possibly receive votes and there is no chance that this is serious.
Meet Alvin Green

Underwater Basejumping

Oxymoron? I think not. If you are a follower of the Zap, this is even crazier than the top 10 jump videos I posted a few months ago.

Guillaume Nery is a freediver, meaning he dives to great depths without any scuba or fins. This man heads over 600 feet down in this video.

It is almost an optical illlusion as he stands on the edge of an underwater sink hole and jumps 600 feet underwater to the bottom.


Hockey Fighting Camp for Kids

Found an awesome article on about a hockey camp started by some former goons who never made it to the NHL who now teach a hockey fighting camp for kids as young as 11. Worth a read really interesting stuff.