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Please Rob Me

This brand new Web site does just that! Tells everyone out there that you aren’t home (as long as you are tweeting where you are).

Now this seems like a ridiculous idea. Who would make a site like this? But, the site claims that the purpose is to show people that it is not a good idea to be tweeting where you are at or going.

The site lets you either put in a person’s twitter name or a general location and they will show you all people who have tweeted where they are at from that area, when they said it, and an address of the place, even if they didn’t provide it.

Pretty crazy, try it out.



In case you doubted the iPad

Wired magazine shows what it has come up with for it’s iPad version of it’s magazine. This is incredible. After watching them flip through thier digital version of their magazine it really shows you the capabilities of what is possible with the iPad and the future of media.

The ability to be viewing a full page of a magazine, but at the same time interacting with videos on the  page and photos is unbelievable. What Wired has done with their edition is something I didn’t think was possible.

Say you are viewing a page about the newest car gadgets, you will be able to manipulate the photo to click and drag the parts around, zoom in on parts, click to view statistics, etc. All on a page that looks exactly like a sheet of magazine  print.


Olympic Hockey Update / Analysis…

Alrighty, after today’s start to the only real sport in these 2010 winter Olympics (kidding…) I am beyond excited to see how the US can handle itself after a pretty decent win against the Swiss today, 3-1. Pat Kane looked pretty nasty with his usual nonchalant dangles cruising around the board before consistently finding his line-mates for the open shot. The goaltending looks pretty solid with the US having arguably the soundest net-minder in the world,  Ryan Miller.

On the other hand, the Canucks from the north looked unreal tonight, but were clearly playing a lesser opponent in Norway. Nonetheless, a line of Iginla, Crosby, and Nash is unheard of and they are also backed by a solid tender, Marty Brodeur.

The US men will face Norway on Thursday, so we should be able to get a bit of a look at how we compare to the hosers from the NORD.

Hoser: (n) Canadian hockey derogatory term that is similar to the American “idiot” or “MITCH”. It is derived from the pre-zamboni days, where the LOSING team would have to hose down the ice after the game.
“Suck on that ya hoser!”

Neoclassical Economics…

I found this while taking a break from studying some neoclassical economics, the mighty “macroeconomics”, a course that I am unfortunately being forced to take to graduate.

Quite the irony

I have heard enough of this macroeconomic jargon from this chump professor while I sit with 600 freshmen who eat up his every word so they can spit it right back at him.

Even so, I’m not endorsing this, just found it with perfect timing.

Here’s a little side article to supplement this. CLICK

White bro meets his black bro

I found this site the other day and can’t get enough of it. Pretty much just hilarious conversations people have found on websites like facebook, myspace, etc.

I already posted the one before this about Haiti, but this just got me cracking up.

What a Mitch

Facebook really provides some quality humor. How could you honestly think that typing Jokes to that number on all the commercials would sent relief? Either way, this is a pretty good Mitching.

Evolution of Hipsters

I’m going to stick with the hipster trend here and give you folk a little background on the hipster trends over the past 10 years. You may have seen some tools trying to be hipsters lately with a nice vintage band t-shirt and some super sweet shades, but that was only hip back in the day.