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Post-Break fill

Just got back from spring break after a zap-less week on here. The onion never disappoints and this video is great, newspapers and old loons.

How Will The End Of Print Journalism Affect Old Loons Who Hoard Newspapers?



Now I’m not here to argue that a good cup of Joey isn’t one of my favorite parts of the day, but I’m not so sure about this one.

A Coffee inhaler? Not really sure what to think of this exactly other than the pointlessness. Maybe its the new hipster thing to do these days. If you really don’t have the time to either A. Brew up some coffee or B. Walk < 1 block in any direction as long as you are not in a cornfield, you can buy a cup.

Secondly the thing looks like a pack of stoobs. Maybe people don’t want to look like a dweeb popping a caffeine pill and they would feel much cooler taking a puff of it.

Either way, no point. I used to be into Jolt gum though…


World’s Coolest Bookstore

Check out this bookstore in Buenos Ares.

“El Ateneo Grand Splendid in downtown Buenos Aires is a spectacular bookstore that retains all the glamour of its former life as a 1920s movie palace.”

If you like to read you could imagine this would be THE place to pick out your next book.


Well no one wants to have this argument and I’m not trying to turn this into any political blog, but these are some pretty obvious numbers. Now each country can handle itself in its own way, but with such globalization creating a connected globe, this makes one think why we are so different that this wouldn’t work for the U.S. Even the most conservative tea party anti-socialist of them all, Sarah Palin admitted she went right on over to Canada for a quick medical visit. Must have been some really bad medicine.


The Olympic Flush

Talk about some die-hard fans they have up there in the north…

This is a statistic of the water usage in Edmonton during the hours of the olympic gold medal game between the yanks and the canucks. These hosers wouldn’t get out of their seats. Although this is understandable, one of the best hockey games I have ever seen and that’s about all they have going on up there these days.

Wide World

I just stumbled across some surreal photos and would never have guessed where these came from and it really got me thinking about how I somehow have preconceived ideas when the name of a country pops up.
Check out these pictures from a national park in Croatia (yes they have national parks outside of the US)

I hope these pictures and the next post’s music video can get some good vibes going for your week.

A little music for your Monday

This is a really tight little song that I hope can help you start off your morning (if anyone actually reads this in the morning). A little folksy, but I enjoy it. Cool video to go with it too.