Monthly Archives: January 2010

Hawks Hangin in Vancouver

In case you haven’t seen these photos yet, these are a must see. We got Kaner and Versteeg hangin’ out shirtless with the old man Madden in a limo in Vancouver. Looks like they had a nice night out to celebrate the win. Supposedly one of these fine ladies was dating a Calgary Flames player. Nice.


Country-wide balloon hunt

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency spread out 10 red weather baloons across the country today for a race for who could find the most in the shortest amount of time for a $40,000 prize. The project was a test of how social networking could work in a large-scale time-critical task.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology won the contest by finding 9 of the 10 balloons in just 9 hours. This is a prime example of the role and wide-spread use of social media in society, which allows for national discussion and cooperation on a HUGE scale.

MIT told their students to spread the message to as many people they knew and that anyone who found a balloon would get their share of the prize — $2,000.

Pretty incredible. I can’t imagine this being possible just a few years ago.



The iPad

This afternoon Steve Jobs of Apple announced Microsoft’s newest addition, the iPad. It’s pretty much a mixture of the iPod touch and a netbook.  If you don’t realize this already, this thing is going to be a HUGE deal. Remember the time before iPods? Well in a year or two you will be remembering the time before the iPad.

This is also a great sign of hope for the media industry especially news because apple has said that they will be working with news outlets to allow customers to subscribe to magazines, newspapers and other websites directly onto the iPad, much like it did with the music industry with iTunes.

The screen is going to be about 10 inches and will weigh less than 2 pounds. Perfect to slip in a brief case or backpack and to pull out and read the morning news without wasting 50 sheets of paper each morning.

A Big Stube

Perspective is quite an idea — especially at this minute level. The press corps to the right is hilarious.

Looking Glass Mirror

Russian 9-year-olds Hockey Brawl

These little commies have a good old fashion bench clearer. Too bad the goalies didn’t get involved.

Hands-Free x-box

The next step in video game controllers — NONE
Microsoft’s new development in progress is hands-free gaming is unbelievable. Fighting games controlled with literal kicks and punches, and jumping. How about a nice Karate CHOP. Check out this video. X-Box Natal is expected this year. Maybe this will help some chumps off the couch.