A Major Failure in Candy Production

I like to consider myself a candy connoisseur and a certain candy company has been bothering me for quite some time.
It is a tale of 2 candy bars that both hint at brilliance, but ultimately fail. Their strengths need to be combined to form a new super candy bar.

Almond Joys:
A great candy bar. Milk chocolate, clearly the better of the two (dark is no good) and coconut make for a great combination. Now they toss two huge almonds right smack in the middle that dominate the bar. What a disgrace. Most of the time I bite around them and I presume a lot of other people do the same.

Another great bar except that it is based on the dark chocolate. Same exact layout as the Joys with coconut and chocolate, but this time they got it right by excluding the almonds.

Brilliant idea!
Combine the two.

Milk Chocolate + Coconut – Almonds = Greatness!

Candy Rules.


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