Greatest Hockey Photos

I’m getting pretty pumped for the olympics to start on Friday and decided to dig around the net for a bit (get it…) for some of the best hockey photos of all time. There are some real beauties in this list, but I think the number 1 choice will be pretty evident. I got by money on the RUESKIES (Russsssia).

5. Alexander the Great

Gotta have a picture of Ovie in here, hands down the best player in the game right now. Look at that stick, laying down a cannon.

4. Not really sure who these guys are, but this is a hell of a picture if you like hockey at all. Sitting around the furnace warming up the toes before hitting the pond.

3. Bobby Orr. One of the greats of all time. Considered by many to be the best defenseman to ever play. This may be the most famous hockey photo ever taken.

2. Jacques Plante

This guy seems like a madman from this picture. He was actually the first goalie to ever wear a mask in net. It seems pretty obvious why from this photo.

1. The Miracle on Ice

If you don’t know about this photo, you have problems. The greatest victory in the history of sports.


One response to “Greatest Hockey Photos

  1. Just looking at that picture makes me happy and proud, can’t wait for the Olympics!

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